Fallacis is an extremely effective spider mite predator. It is the most effective preventer of spider mites available. In long term crops usually one application at a rate of 1 to 2 mites per square meter is enough to achieve multi-year spider mite control. In starving conditions, fallacis is a generalist, capable of feeding on many other pests, especially their eggs. If no pest is present, fallacis will survive on wind-blown pollen.

In outdoor applications, it is best applied at the end of the summer, allowing it to build up slightly, then over-wintering with the pest. We have not found a mite that fallacis will not control.

We offer fallacis in a granular carrier, packaged with pollen, or on bean leaves with some spider mite. Both products maintain a stable sex ratio and logarithmic growth, ensuring a quick response when released. The leaf product is best suited for tree and shrub applications, including Bamboo, while the granular version is easier to apply to bedding or container plants.

Fallacis is comfortable walking on the ground, so it will disperse evenly throughout any crop.

This Biocontrol was developed by Howard Thistlewood and Jay Whistlecraft of Ag Canada.

We sell Fallacis in four packages:

  • 1000 vial, in a granular carrier.
  • 1250 tray, on bean leaves.
  • 2000 vial, in a granular carrier.
  • 2500 tray, on bean leaves.

General Introduction Rates

  •  1-5 Fallacis/m2 (10 ft2)

For greenhouse crops, apply predators to all infested plants.Use the lower rate for preventative introductions onto mite susceptible plants; use the higher rates if there are established mite populations.

For more detailed release rates and general information, please see: