Technical Manual

The Applied Bio-nomics Ltd. technical manual was created in 1993 by Don Elliot and researchers at Applied Bio-nomics Ltd. Additional expertise was provided by renowned Canadian researchers Dave Gillespie, Norm Tonks, Bob Costello, Jack Arrand, Marilyn Steiner, Linda Gilkenson, and Jim Matteoni. Although the recommendations for use in crops have evolved over the years to meet changing situations, especially since our switch to non-refrigerated products, the technical manual continues to be a useful resource for researchers and growers as a reference to pest and beneficial insect life cycles and behavior. For up-to-date crop recommendations, please see our Crops section and check-in regularly for updated information.

#DescriptionDownload SheetsSize
150 Glossary
Download (88 KB)
160 Integrated Pest Management
Making the Transition
Download (114 KB)
170 Checking Quality
Download (110 KB)
171 Quality Check Sheet
Download (52 KB)
180 Effect of Chemicals
Download (199 KB)
200 Persimilis (Phytoseiulus persimilis)
Two-Spotted Mite Predator
Download (93 KB)
201 Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) fallacis
Spider Mite Predator
Download (129 KB)
202 Stethorus
(Stethorus punctillum) - Spider Mite Lady beetle
Download (70 KB)
210 Encarsia
(Encarsia formosa) - Whitefly Parasite
Download (102 KB)
215 Delphastus
(Delphastus catalinae) - Whitefly Lady beetle
Download (71 KB)
220 Cucumeris
[Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) cucumeris] - Thrips Predator
Download (83 KB)
222 Orius
(Orius spp.) - Minute Pirate Bugs, Thrips Predator
Download (82 KB)
223 Dicyphus
(Dicyphus hesperus) - Whitefly Predatory Bug
Download (66 KB)
230 Hypoaspis
[Stratiolaelaps (Hypoaspis) miles]
Download (79 KB)
231 Atheta
(Atheta coriaria Kraatz) - Shore flies, Fungus gnats, Western flower thrips
Download (69 KB)
240 Aphidoletes
(Aphidoletes aphidimyza) - Aphid Predatory Midge
Download (102 KB)
242 Aphidius
(Aphidius matricariae, A. colemani, A. ervi) - Aphid Parasite
Download (97 KB)
244 Lady beetles
Coccinella septempunctata, Hippodamia convergens, Harmonia axyridis, Coleomegilla maculata
Download (88 KB)
250 Cryptolaemus
(Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) Mealybug Destroyer, Australian Lady Beetle
Download (77 KB)
270 Trichogramma
(Trichogramma spp.) Moth Egg Parasite
Download (87 KB)
280 Miscellaneous Biological Controls
Download (159 KB)
300 Two-Spotted Spider Mites
(Tetranychus urticae)
Download (105 KB)
310 Whiteflies
Download (169 KB)
320 Thrips
Download (107 KB)
330 Fungus Gnats
(Bradysia species)
Download (155 KB)
340 Aphids
Download (111 KB)
350 Miscellaneous Pests
Download (151 KB)
401 Greenhouse Peppers
Guidelines for Biological Control
Download (302 KB)
405 Greenhouse Cucumbers
Guidelines for Biological Control
Download (282 KB)
410 Greenhouse Tomatoes
Download (251 KB)
455 Greenhouse Poinsettias
Guidelines for Biological Control
Download (245 KB)
466 Cut Rose Biological Control Program
Download (117 KB)
470 Interior Plantscapes and Tropical Gardens
Guidelines for Biological Control
Download (205 KB)
475 IPM and Biological Control for Ornamental Nursery Pests
Download (223 KB)
Greenhouse Cucumber
Biocontrol Release Rates
Download (108 KB)
Biological Control
Grower Check Plan
Download (140 KB)
Greenhouse Pepper
Biocontrol Release Rates
Download (125 KB)
Biocontrol Release Rates
Download (86 KB)
Download (50 KB)
Biocontrol Release Rates
Download (106 KB)
Greenhouse Biological Control Commercial Development in Canada and the Development of Industry Standards
Download (109 KB)
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